Well that was 2014

2014 was a bit of a slow year for us.
Played less shows than we are used to.
But the shows that we did play were some of the coolest shows we did.
Jera On Air BoemTikFest Cortonville
Played with some old friends and made some new ones

We wrote and recorded our full-length!
Changed our name and release the first single of the upcoming full-length.

All in all still not a bad year.

We’ll play Bastard Fest
and maybe a last minute show somewhere in the south of NL.

In March we’ll do a weekendtour with Black Art and play White Russian Records fest.

And off course we will release our full-length.
More on that soon enough.

So 2015 should be a good one.

Have a great night and see you on the flip side!


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So yeah we decided to change our name a bit.
We are now just called SCREW HOUSTON

It felt like the right thing to do.
Last summer we recorded our new record.
And with these new songs it just felt like we needed to change a bit.
So we dropped the “Start Screaming!” part.
Everybody was calling us Screw Houston for ages ;)

We also thought it was about time we’d let you know about our new record.
The record will see the light of day somewhere in 2015.
But we couldn’t keep you wait that long.
So we dropped the first song and video of that new record.
It already got viewed over 400 times!!! (let’s get it to 500 by tomorrow)
ENJOY and we’ll try to keep in touch a bit more coming weeks.


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Cortonville Favorite!

A couple of weeks ago we were chosen as a demo dock favorite in the rock/metal category.
Together with 3 other acts.

After that Eric Corton and a jury choose us as their personal favorite in this category!!!
Read it on Cortonville! (it’s in dutch)

This also means that we are playing a showcase with the favorites in the singer/songwriter and pop/rock category.
So you can guess we are excited as hell!
The showcase is may 23 in Supermarkt – Den Haag

See you there!


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Cortonville + shows

Hi again!

We got selected for a demo dock at Cortonville!
So check us out and have a listen.
Next week or so there will also be an interview with us on there.

Also some new shows were added!
This friday we’ll play in the beautiful Eindhoven again.
So drop by and say hi!
And we are totally excited that we are supporting Bastions and The Catharsis two times!

To end this one. We are writing a new record and things are going great.


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New record, shows and cd?

Hey all,

It’s been a bit quiet here at the SHSS! camp.
But we’ve been working our ass off writing new songs.
Cause we would LOVE to release a full-length this year.

But first we got some cool shows coming up in February!

08-02-2014 – Capsloc – Capelle a/d IJssel
w/ Unchained Breathing Ashes and Run Like Hell

15-02-14 de Gooth – Ridderkerk
Excl NL show w/ The Cold Harbour Hindsights Ego.Riser

21-02-14 Altstadt – Eindhoven
w/ Meet The Storm and Dishonnor in War


YES CD! White Russian Records found some cd’s left over from the pre-order of A Gentleman Will Never Tell.
They printed some DIY sleeves with that and they are selling them for just €3
NOTE: there are only a few copies left 

But if you still prefer vinyl (like you should!) buy that here (with download code):


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That time of the year again.

Well it’s time for a recap of 2013.
We still suck at instagram, so no fancy smancy video recap.

We played 20 shows with great bands.
Made some new friends luckily kept the old ones!
We also shot a video that was well received.
And recorded a 7″ that we are damn proud off!!
And we are glad that White Russian Records, No Panic! Records and Acuity Music thought so too!
Thanks for helping us releasing the music that we love!

And thanks to all the people who helped us in any way possible!
From shooting our video to filling in on guitar.
From booking a show to showing up at shows.
Thank you for your support we really appreciate it!

What’s next?
2014 we will begin with something special, but we can’t say it what it is yet.
Check back for that soon!
We got some shows confirmed but are eager to play more.
Also we are writing for a new full-length.
Hopefully we can record and release them in 2014.

Have a nice new years eve and see you in 2014.

Much love
Screw Houston Start Screaming!


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New shows and site

Hi all,

We changed the look of our website a bit.
With a couple of social buttons where you can follow us!

Also we have a couple of shows lined up with our dear friends in Meet The Storm!
Check them out and come and say hi!!

We also are looking for more shows in 2014.
So if you can hook us up for get in touch with this guy

Hope to see you on the road!


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We ain’t dead!

So yeah it’s been real quiet after our release.
We are working hard on new shows and got some confirmed.
We’ll let you know asap.

Also we are working hard on new songs.
Cause this awesome 7″ is just a teaser for other new stuff!

So please be patient, cause loads of cool stuff is still coming your way!



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Video and pre-order!

Two days ago we released a video for ‘Approximately 6:15 pm’


And it already had over 1600 views.
Thank you all SO SO MUCH for watching and sharing!
This could not have happend without all your suppport.

Be sure to pre-order the 7″ it’s limited to only 250.

And check out our upcoming shows:
22-09 Incubate we play at V39 at 15.00 sharp!! COME EARLY!

28-09 Boothill Saloon - Utrecht RECORD RELEASE SHOW!!!
It’s a FREE show with Meet The Storm and Asylum


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A Gentleman Will Never Tell

We are excited as hell to tell all of you that…
We are about to release a new single upon the hungry ears of hardcore lovers all over the globe.

After the release of the 2011 concept album “When Trumpets Fade”, the band is now back with a rocking three track 7” single. “A Gentleman Will Never Tell” will see the light of day on September 28th, and will be released on transparant vinyl by White Russian Records (Meet The Storm, Striking Justice) and No Panic! (Crime In Stereo, This Is Hell).

The band is throwing a release party that same day, September 28th, in Boothill Saloon, Utrecht. More info on friends and special guests joining them in this rock-parade, will be announced shortly.

After the last release, released by 5 Feet Under, Blackheart Inc., Black Death, the band toured extensively thru Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. With the new single, a small preview of what’s to come next in the shape of a new full album, the band continues to play their brand of ‘heavy-as-fuck’ hardcore. “The previously present twist of Rock ‘n’ Roll and melody has been explored more in depth, and the songs are a bit more personal then the previous effort.” according to singer Roelof de Brouwer.

For those who like their music digital: the band’s new monster will be made public thru the German label Acuity Music, who takes care of Let It Burn Records as well, and therefor has a large network and experience, thanks to working with bands like The Departed, AYS, Anchor and The Havebrook Disaster.

Pre-order info will follow shortly thru the bands website, so keep an eye on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SHSSHardcore) or their website (http://www.screwhoustonstartscreaming.com)

The artwork for “A Gentleman Will Never Tell” has been done by the very talented “Taste It Creative”.











Contact info:



White Russian Records

No Panic! Records

Acuity Music



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